Our long-term experience in sales has allowed us to create outsourcing solutions, that allow investors and developers to efficiently conduct sales and marketing operations. Our offer is very comprehensive, giving us a competitive edge.

We help initiate and develop sales of new estate and we support developers that are already selling their products, by conducting audits in sales offices, improving customer support and increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Our team is made up of people with many years of experience and great knowledge of development and marketing, as well as direct sales. 

We have resources such as a law firm and an advertising company at our disposal, making the solutions we offer more comprehensive and covering all aspects of effective sales.

Compensation within that cooperation is based on lump sums calculated within a predefined budget for a particular investment and sales commissions.

We approach each of our projects individually.



This variant allows for outsourcing of sales of the whole estate.

It includes introduction of product to the market, beginning with consulting during the design stage of apartments and project functionality, as well as creating sales and marketing strategies.

Our services include recruitment of personnel, initiating sales in accordance with development act, conducting sales trainings for employees and managing the sales department


This variant covers cooperation within existing sales department structures in accordance with this structure's rules.

The scope of this variant includes the analysis of the current level of employee competence and conducting audits of previous sales and marketing efforts. The next step of that process is developing an optimal strategy for sales management and selection of best tools to support sales. This solution is mainly aimed at increasing the efficiency of conducted sales.


Our offer also includes creating and managing estate for our investors using the "Design and Build" system. This comprehensive service is based around a single company managing all aspects of the investment. Main advantage of this variant is the fact, that a single company takes it upon itself to manage and oversee investment, all project work and construction work.

An important advantage of this service is limiting the costs and efficient operation of the investment.

The process begins with defining the needs of your investors, when the property is purchased and building permits are obtained.